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I crave this place….I’ve been going here for about 17 years. Great subs. I
don’t even like turkey that much and I LOVE their turkey sub. Italian sub
hits the spot too. Love the pasta salad….everything. Best sandwich place in
the Chicagoland area! They need to deliver to DC.
PS – Call ahead to order. Then you can just go in and pick it up if there is
a line.

– Lori S.

AMAZING SANDWICHES & DELI! Thats all I can say – the Italian Sub is perfect!

– Katie J.

One of Chicagolands little treasures. I believe Alpine to have the best
sandwiches in the area. Im a big fan of just about any of their amazing subs,
so try what you like. Its great that this place sits so close to Johnnies
beef and Gene and Judes, there isnt a month that goes by that I dont make the
trek to try all three and I always make sure to get a sub from Alpine for
later. Awesome.

– King T.

This place has the very best sub sandwiches around Elmwood Park. They just
know how to pile the meat on and their oils and sauces make them unbelievable
and you will die when you sink your teeth into them.

– Ted G.

I love the italian sub here when I am ever in the mood for one. It is
definitely much better than any of the franchise sub joints i.e. subway or
quiznos. Don’t forget to order pellegrino to bring out the taste.

– TripAdvisor Contributor

This shop has the best subs and don’t forget to try the potato salad it is the best.

– Yahoo Contributor

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